National Children’s Dental Health Month is an important event in February that helps to showcase just how important it is for children to have good dental health. In honor of this month, here are three tips for taking care of your child’s teeth.

national children's dental health month

Use Dental Apps For Fun Brushing

One great tip for taking care of your child’s teeth is to use dental apps to make brushing their teeth more fun. There are so many dental apps out there that play songs and videos for the amount of time that your child is supposed to brush their teeth. This makes the overall experience a lot more positive and helps your child see that brushing their teeth can actually be fun. The apps can also teach them about the importance of brushing their teeth, which is a bonus. 

Give Them Healthier Snacks 

Another great tip for taking care of your child’s teeth is to give them healthier snacks. Instead of cookies and candies, opt to give them healthier snacks, such as vegetables, nuts, and fresh fruit. This stops the sugar from sitting on their teeth and causing tooth decay. Also, if they happen to have a sweet, be sure to brush their teeth after eating it so that it doesn’t stay on their teeth. 

Protect Their Mouth During Sports

When your child is playing contact sports, their mouth must be fully protected. To protect their mouth, you must have a custom mouthguard made for them. This can be created at your dentist’s office and helps to ensure that nothing bad happens to your child’s teeth while playing. This can save them from dealing with knocked-out teeth and other forms of reconstructive dental work. 

National Children’s Dental Health Month is a great time to schedule an appointment at Earwood Dentistry!